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Creative service

Thanks to my creative background, I find it often comes naturally to get a feel for the work of another and anticipate their needs. I strive to enhance everything surrounding their work, so they can be presented in the best way, whilst keeping the character of the artist intact. Taking some of the weight of the artist’s shoulders so they can focus on other things. There is a lot of practical and administrative work that comes with setting up an exhibition or event, as well as tweaks and creative problem solving which can help to make a space, collection or show come together. This is what I aim to do.

Aside from larger projects such as full-scale artist service, I also take on smaller projects with a different focus such as creating websites, including branding. Contact me for more information.


The Song of Koumi

An exhibition by Richard Hoare

September 8th - november 4th 2018, koumi-machi, nagano prefecture, japan

An exhibition of over a hundred works of oil paintings, monotypes, watercolours, ink paintings and sketches made by Richard Hoare. Richard has been painting in Japan for two years prior to this exhibition, and all the landscapes depicted are inspired by a the nature surrounding a small town in the Nagano Prefecture named Koumi-Machi.

Services Preparation Exhibition

Photography & Editing | Installation Works | Film Editing | Administration & Cataloguing


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Installation Works

A wide variety of installation and installation-related works, including but not limited to selection, framing, creating arrangements and finishings of work. Assistance in the creation of promotional banners and an aid in creative problem solving.

Two hands, a logical brain and a creative spirit

Administration & cataloguing

To keep an exhibition of this scale organised there is a need for more than a little administrative work. This includes an creating an inventory, PDF files containing the details of each work, updating the website, maintaining a price list and creating a digital folio to send to important clients abroad.

Pages, Squarespace, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

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Photography & editing

A documentation of the preparation and the opening of the exhibition for the Artist and their clients, patrons and followers. Reflecting the feel of the events in photography and film, so that even those who couldn’t make it, can get a taste of the event.

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro




During Opening Day there is always a lot of strain on the Artist and the Museum or Gallery Management. It is of importance for them to be supported properly so that things can run as smoothly as possible, as well as free their hands in some aspects, so they can focus on others. Aside from that, a good co-operation can create the space for them to enjoy the Opening as well, as it is the summit of what often is the result of months, if not years of work.

Services Opening

Photography Reportage & Editing | Website Update

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“I have often found putting on an exhibition to be surrounded by anxiety and overwhelming amount of details to attend to . When Naomi arrived so much of this was lifted from my shoulders and I was able to focus on the important elements which needed my personal attention . Without a doubt the central aspects of the presentation, and also the opening event were at their optimum because of Naomi’s care and attention .

She has the extraordinary ability to perceive the needs before being asked . Her sense of design and layout needed no adjustment and was a great source of help as a second opinion in the hanging process . The integration with the Museum staff was seamless and they all appreciated her presence . In a word Naomi is Indispensable .”

— Richard Hoare

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 Website Exhibition