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The Saffron Collectors

written by Kingsley L. Dennis

The Saffron Collectors is a tale on many levels. On one level it shows us the life of a young girl growing up in a new environment. And yet on another level it is a story of reaching into the feminine soul and preparing it for a world so in need of its presence. The Saffron Collectors is a meditation upon the transformation of the individual and the interior life, set within a brick and mortar establishment run by the enigmatic figure of La Madre and her fellow Madams. Above all, it is a world where transformation is contagious.

ISBN-13  978-1999905323

50 Watercolour Illustrations | Editing

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'Naomi Hasegawa is a true professional and a delight to collaborate with. Her eye for precision, accuracy, as well as aesthetic beauty is a rare mix. Her involvement with me in producing the book 'The Saffron Collectors' helped lift the project to a new level. Naomi is also a delightful person, who shows great diligence and care in what she does. An inspired collaborator and creative individual!'

— Kingsley L. Dennis