My curious mind is responsible for my collecting a variety of creative skills. I find pleasure in that moment when something comes together, be it a painting, a website or an exhibition - embracing the creative process in any form.

Due to a creative background, I find it often comes naturally to get a feel for the work of another and anticipate their needs. I strive to enhance everything surrounding their work, so it can be presented in the best way, whilst keeping the character of the artist intact. Taking some of the weight off of the artist’s shoulders so they can focus on their work. There is a lot of practical and administrative work that comes with setting up an exhibition or event, as well as tweaks and creative problem solving which can help to make a space, collection or show come together. This is what I aim to do.

Aside from larger projects such as full-scale artist services, I also take on smaller projects with a different focus such as creating websites, including branding. Contact me to see if I can be of service to you.

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